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So far the company has brought to the Polish screens a number of domestic and foreign titles and has supported over a dozen domestic projects. Regie: Alejandro Amenabar When the mob goes outside to collect stones, Davus suffocates her to spare her the pain of being stoned and tells the mob that she fainted. Email. It is however certain that the instrument was well known to the Greeks before the beginning of the Christian era. The film was produced by Fernando Bovaira, with Telecinco Cinema as the primary producer along with Mod Producciones, Himenoptero, and Sogecable as co-producers. 15 is rather short, but gives interesting information: it contains a detailed description of a hydroscope which Synesius asks Hypatia to order for him in Alexandria, requesting that she herself oversee its construction. 92 Restaurants within 0.75 miles. A fost influenţat de doctrinele şcolii ioniene si în special de Anaximene. Browse Places. spielt, mit Rachel Weisz als die Philosophin Hypatia und ihr christlicher Sklave Max Minghella: Agora ist ziemlich beeindruckend, wenn man weiß, dass sie dafür ein echtes Set verwendet haben, dass extra auf Malta gebaut wurde, um Alexandria nachzubauen, und nicht nur ein Produkt von CGI Tricks ist. Hypatia theorizes that the Earth orbits around the Sun in an elliptic orbit, not a circular orbit, with the Sun at one of the foci. But there is no firm evidence to support this view. In selected locations Helios cinemas also deliver original programs for children and youth. WIG-MEDIA 2,76%, Regon: 11559486 When the Christians start defiling the statues of the pagan gods and cause one of their priests to burn in a fire, the pagans, including Orestes and Theon, ambush the Christians. For more information on the processing of personal data, in particular your rights, see the Agora.pl privacy policy and our transparency policy. Agora Alisveris Merkezi No:1446 K:1 Balcova Merkez, Balcova, Izmir Turkey. The leader of the Christians, Cyril, views Hypatia as having too much influence over Orestes and stages a public ceremony intended to force Orestes to subjugate her. 07 / 06 / 2018 13:26. [35] The Roman soldiers are shown wearing generic armor and weapons resembling the type used in the first century AD,[35] but the film is actually set in the fifth century AD, by which time Roman troops no longer wore leather armor[35] and would have instead worn scale armor or chain mail. Ich glaube, Regisseur Alejandro Amenabar hatte richtig viel finanzielle Hilfe, um diesen Film zu produzieren. Note, that the. After Amenábar completed The Sea Inside (2004), he took a break and traveled to the island of Malta, where he used his free time to explore the night sky. To prepare for the task of recreating the ancient city of Alexandria without relying on computer generated imagery, Amenábar reviewed older sword-and-sandal films such as The Ten Commandments (1956), Ben-Hur (1959), and Pharaoh (1966). Those are the real heroes of the movie. [8] A year before the start of pre-production, designer Guy Hendrix Dyas spent three weeks with Amenábar in Madrid to do some preliminary work on the set designs and the recreation of the ancient city of Alexandria so that previous animations could be generated. ELVIS - The Multimedia Experience will begin at 21:30. Login . Mampaso claimed that Hypatia invented the hydrometer, an instrument still in use today, and that probably her father Theon of Alexandria, together with Hypatia, invented the astrolabe. Helios cinemas screen latest film releases in 2D and 3D technology as well as – in some locations – amateur and independent titles. Every year we get many awards and distinctions. Nevertheless, she seems to me far more a follower of the precepts of Christianity than are her persecutors and tormentors. Davus assists Hypatia in her classes and is interested in science. Genre: Abenteuer/Drama/Geschichte/Romanze Check out our new and improved places directory. All Helios cinemas are equipped with digital projection systems. :). In this regard, Pappus of Alexandria was recorded as using the hydrometer before Hypatia was even born. more, Top Selling Tours & Activities in and around Izmir. [45] Although Christians under the decree of the bishop Theophilus did destroy the Serapeum of Alexandria in 391 AD,[35][42] which, at one time, had housed scrolls from the Library of Alexandria,[42] the Serapeum probably no longer had any scrolls in it at the time of its destruction, since sources prior to 391 speak of its libraries in the past tense. When they ask Davus what his opinion is, he avoids conflict by saying that only God knows these things. New Helios multiplex at the Forum Gdańsk. It was awarded the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Feature Film Prize at the Hamptons International Film Festival. Helios cinemas screen latest film releases in 2D and 3D technology as well as – in some locations – amateur and independent titles. Pizza Locale (15) 8 min $$ - $$$ Mola Su Urunleri Balik Evi (9) 7 min. [14] Filming ended in June. [31] Despite this very high per-theater average, Agora was never widely released in the United States. "[42], Robert Barron, an American Catholic priest, writes in an article: "Hypatia was indeed a philosopher and she was indeed killed by a mob in 415, but practically everything else about the story that Gibbon and Sagan and Amenábar tell is false". [35][42] The last references to anyone having held membership in the Mouseion (the larger research institute which contained the library) date to the 260s AD. Emre Sevindik. Organized by the official fanclub Elvis Presley - Luxembourg, www.ccrn.lu Fiu al lui Hegesibulos, a venit la Atena la vârsta de 21 de ani pentru a studia filosofia. Kinostart: Dezember 18, 2009, Tags: Abenteuer, Agora, Alejandro Amenabar, Ashraf Barhom, Dezember 2009, Drama, Geschichte, Homayoun Ershadi, Max Minghella, Michael Lonsdale, Oscar Isaac, Rachel Weisz, Romanze, Rupert Evans. 11 / 02 / 2019 17:55. Rental Cars See rental cars from $14/day. Ephesus was once a bustling metropolis, four times the size of the Parthenon and one of the largest seaports of the ancient world. Most of Helios cinemas were opened between 2005 and 2008 and are thus thoroughly modern facilities with state-of-the-art equipment, inviting interiors and interesting architecture. [29], In contrast, the New York-based Rev. "Ep. For non-Turkish speakers, avoid the dubbed (although from what I could see this was mainly younger kids cartoons/animations)! [27], Before its release, the distribution company insisted on screening the film at the Vatican. Mehr Informationen zu eLearning-Themen finden Sie auf unserer Website. Unter der antiken Bezeichnung AGORA steht Ihnen an der Universität Hamburg eine moderne eLearning- und eScience-Plattform zur Verfügung, die den spezifischen Bedürfnissen geisteswissenschaftlicher Nutzer Rechnung trägt. According to Box Office Mojo, its widest release in the United States was just 17 theaters.[32]. Max Minghella co-stars as Davus, Hypatia's father's slave, and Oscar Isaac as Hypatia's student, and later prefect of Alexandria, Orestes. Numer KRS: 59944 Show starts: 21:30. Historia Michaliny Wisłockiej by Maria Sadowska, as well as Polish films awarded on Polish and international festivals, including the winner of Berlin Festival Silver Bear Spoor by Agnieszka Holland or Jestem mordercą a picture by Maciej Pieprzyca awarded with Silver Lions at Gdynia Film Festival and Orzeł (Eagle) Polish Film Award. Getting there. Historia Michaliny Wisłockiej dir. Theon is gravely injured, and Hypatia and the pagans take refuge in the Library of the Serapeum. The show lasts for about 3 hours including 2 short intermissions. Feministinnen beschweren sich heutzutage vielleicht über Glasdecken, aber in der Vergangenheit war es viel schlimmer… Cine'Apero, João Pessoa, Brazil. 4 were here. Hypatia and the pagans flee while trying to save the most important scrolls before the Christians overtake the library and destroy its contents. ', Sarma, ‘The Archaic and the Exotic: studies in the history of Indian astronomical instruments’, p. 241 (2008). [30], Agora was Spain's highest-grossing film of 2009, earning over $10.3 million within four days of its release on October 9. [11], Principal photography began on March 17, 2008, on the island of Malta, and was scheduled to last 15 weeks. The title of the film takes its name from the agora, a public gathering place in ancient Greece, similar to the Roman forum. After the show and during the intermissions you can enjoy drinks at the Brasserie Neumünster. Łukasz Palkowski, Po prostu przyjaźń, dir. Although the film had difficulty finding distribution, it was released country by country throughout late 2009 and early 2010. [35] Agora also strongly implies that Hypatia was an atheist,[42] which directly contradicts the historical fact that she was a Neoplatonist follower of the teachings of Plotinus, who believed that the goal of philosophy was "a mystical union with the divine. All Helios cinemas are equipped with digital projection systems. is crowned the winner by the Arras Film Festival jury, European titles submitted for the Oscars race, The European film industry strives to find its way through the second wave of the coronavirus, The 65th Cork International Film Festival announces its award winners. [45] Theon was the head of a school called the "Mouseion",[45] but it was a different school named after the Hellenistic Mouseion. If you want to enjoy a nice, relaxing dinner before the show and get the first pick of the seating in the beautiful Agora, then be sure to order the Dinner & Show ticket. Through NEXT FILM, Agora also engages in film production and distribution. CINEMA AND FILM, AGORA, HOME PAGE . Since May 2017, Agora Group has conducted all its film production activities through NEXT FILM. Agora was nominated for 13 Goya Awards, winning 7. CINEMA AND FILM, AGORA … Not bad, it s quite enough but I personally prefer to go cinema in kipa which is near also agora. ELVIS - The Multimedia Experience will begin at 21:30. The doors to the Agora will open at 20:00 for those holding Show only tickets. Veröffentlicht am: 4. The catalogue of NEXT FILM includes also foreign projects such as the highly successful paint-animated Loving Vincent directed by Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman. The film grossed over $32.3 million (€21.4 million) by 1 December 2009, and about $35 million by 1 February 2010. De asemenea, este conferențiar universitar la Academia de Administrare Publică. No objections were reported and Vatican officials assisted in some of the religious depictions. Hypatia is the daughter of Theon, the director of the Musaeum of Alexandria. 'For the sake of completeness we must mention that fact that SYNESIOS in his letter to HYPATIA mentions a hydrometer, which according to some was already known in the fourth century AD to PRISCIANUS, that is a century before SYNESIOS and HYPATIA. The biopic stars Rachel Weisz as Hypatia, a mathematician, philosopher and astronomer in late 4th-century Roman Egypt, who investigates the flaws of the geocentric Ptolemaic system and the heliocentric model that challenges it. Dinner at the Brasserie Neumünster: 19:00 - 21:00. Hier unten der neueste Trailer von Agora: Agora sieht nach einem großartigen FIlm aus! Actor Charles Thake (Hesiquius) suffered minor facial injuries on the set when he collided with extras running during a scene. [27], Based on North American theatre tracking data from Rentrak Theatrical, indieWIRE reported that Agora "scored the highest per-theater-average of any film in the marketplace" during the Memorial Day holiday weekend from May 28 through May 31, just after its U.S. limited release. "[26], The film holds a 53% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 92 reviews with an average score of 5.7/10. Hoffen wir, dass er das richtige Gleichgewicht zwischen historischen Fakten und Unterhaltung findet: wenn er das schaffen sollte, wird Agora ein Kassenschlager. relationship between religion and science, Alfred P. 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Sloan Foundation Celebrate Ten Years", "Special Screening of Agora with Rachel Weisz", "Antonio Mampaso: 'El mejor legado de Hipatia es su propia historia, "Christians must resist dangerous silliness of 'Agora, "The historical inaccuracies of the movie "AGORA" by Alejandro Amenabar", "Malta-filmed Agora premieres at Cannes tomorrow", "The Perniciously Persistent Myths of Hypatia and the Great Library,", "Agora: The Arthouse Does the Summer Blockbuster", "Agora Strains to Keep Up With Its Own Staggering Vision", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Agora_(film)&oldid=987603721, Persecution of pagans in the late Roman Empire, Articles containing Spanish-language text, Pages with numeric Bible version references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 8 November 2020, at 03:24. Since 2010 Agora has been the owner of Helios SA.

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