grizzly vs lion

Their fur is 1-2 inches thick, and that is just the outer coat. This comparison isnt considering a coastal grizzly either. The bear will just torn apart lion within few seconds even lion’s hairy shield can’t do a damn thing about it. Actually biological data shows lions have higher bone density in forearms, same or better density as well as bigger skull An average adult male grizzly bear may weigh a massive 810 pounds. In all fairness, both are reliable sources. The African lion is the king of the African wild. That being said, the difference in strength won’t be THAT great because, as I have previously mentioned, a single lion or tiger can break a buffalo’s skull with one paw swipe. If we compare the two animals on the basis of weight, the Grizzly bear has the upper hand. Between a kodiak/polar bear & a lion/tiger, it would be a solid 50-50 (w/perhaps a slight edge to bear), due to the considerable size & strength advantage kodiaks & polars have over there grizzly cousins. I’m talking about the weight of the Kodiak grizzly, as Rob mentioned, not his other claims. It is the apex predator in sub-Saharan Africa. PLUS a free mini-magazine for you to download and keep. The Lion is not respected for its strength, but for its courage, boldness, and attitude. I've been working with the National Wildlife Federation for the past five years. African lions are full-fledged carnivores. An inland city grizzly bear which averages 500-600 lbs, would be an afternoon snack for a lion. Jake, come on Tony, I know you’re 11 years old, but you can’t be this stupid. I would love for you to name the biologist that you are getting your bear facts from. Excellent swimmers. Grizzlies are very aggressive and will win 88% of the time. Sometimes the Bear would win and other times the Lion would take it. Grizzly possess almost all the advantages, compared to its size grizzly has amazing agility. Recently, lioness who was in the same enclosure with a male lion for 8 years, killed him. I am from California. Grizzly bears have been clocked running at 40mph, which is faster than a lions top speed, and nearly as fast as a tigers. Bears aren’t just heavier from fat. Because of the attack method bears use as they stand on their hind legs and swipe at a target with their paw, the lion would not be able to withstand the damage dealt and die from a crushed skull or bleeding, whether internal or external. A male lion weighs in at 420 pounds. Yep, that’s why male lions as well as females we most often avoid honey badgers. The heavyweight would simply walk through the smaller mans punches. African lions are voracious predators, and in the case of such a battle, the lion would almost always win. Experience the thrill of the wild firsthand as you embark upon a safari in Tanzania. What facts are you quoteing? Plus where they are at they must fight off wolves and mountain lions at times but no mention of this at all. The lion took the advantage by leaping 15 feet in the air and pouncing on the bear. Those ratings (“Force”) are purely based on those particular animals b/w whom the comparison is being done in that particular post. The Russian government charges 50 grand for a permit to kill one. It would be over in minutes and a grizzly can fight for hours. I mean I’ve only heard them called inland grizzlies not in and city grizzlies. I think a huge bear can beat a huge lion it is possible ; ) and I mean 8 out of 10 times . Here is smallest to biggest in terms of bears( Black bear, Grizzly, Kodiak Brown, Polar Bear). The best flyweight fighter in the world would stand no chance against a journeyman heavyweight. It’s not even a fair comparison! But lions attack every time they need food. One swipe from a Grizzlies paws would shatter the spine of the biggest male Lion. The same for a Rhino and Hippo. Polar bear is twice the size of a lion and would easily shred it. I understand if somebody simply doesn’t know alot about animals, but i am completely baffled when people who dont, choose to comment their opinion despite te fact that they have no idea what theyre talking about. & is too fat to even climb – or evade at all, there’s no escaping his fearful fate.. Lions deal with NOTHING that stands up on their hind legs, besides humans. You really have to provide me with some facts. 10 Reasons Why Dogs Make Better Pets Than cats, American bulldog Vs Pitbull Temperament Comparison & Difference, Best Guinea Pig Beddings reviews- Top Choices 2020. Go further to know comparison an difference between Grizzly bear vs African lion, who will win the fight.. How Brown Bear is known as Grizzly bear? A tiger usually don’t stand on it’s hind legs to fight another one they pounce and they try biting the neck of their opponents and usually from the back. About the circus and zoo example, you cannot compare a wild lion’s temperament to a captive,… a lion’s day is basically fight fight fight, so wild ones are more honed for a face off against adversaries. Mike Tyson wouldn’t punch out Andre the giant, and that is basically the fight: Mike vs Andre: Bear wins easily. Gary, Check these links if you’re open to actual facts about these monstrous bears, instead of making your up own info. This can stop the prey from making any movement. Canines are the largest teeth, used for tearing meat. Kodiaks are bigger and better fighters. realy;;;;; you know ms.M IF the grizzly killed the lion as you say…..that’s not means that she always will wins…..i know because recently in circus male lion killed adult polar bear……wich is much more powerful than grizzly…..even the african buffalo is far more powerful opponet than grizzly…..and also many baffaloes was killed even by lioness, Well, I’m just gonna leave this here:, As you see, professional biologists say that the bear will just overpower the lion so…. In fact, the “Great Bear Almanac” duly confirms this. Imagine if they were angry and went berserk they could lift soooo much more than 700 ponds. Because lions don’t have heavy body like bears, stronger bite force, powerful jaws etc. Their claws are larger than the lions, as well as their bite force. Lions are built for speed and agility to ambush and chase prey over short distances, have you ever wondered why you don’t see a lion chase a zebra for two or three minutes? Even cougars are on record of fighting of grizzlies, so a lion/tiger should not have much problem. African lions, as the name suggests, are native to Africa. The lion immediately went for a throat bite. I don't know about tigers or lions, but a Sabertooth tiger would make short work out of any brown bear. Average Kodiak bear have you been paying attention at all the Kodiac has been the referenced bear the whole time. You really have to provide me with some facts. An African lion can run at a speed of 50 miles per hour. Bear bones are nearly impossible to break. They prey upon larger animals like wild buffaloes, zebras, and deer. Bears on the other hand, have leg muscles developed to stand without anything else supporting them. The fact of the matter is that cats arent built for fighting, cats are built for hunting, cats have lightweight bones, and powerful muscles, and to refute one of the above statements, no, siberian tigers do not have the strongest bite force of any carnivore, saltwater crocodiles hold that title. Yeah it’s a much more even fight with grizzly and tiger. A lion won’t beat a tiger. Written by Elise McDonald. The Kodiak Brown bear would beat all of these combatants. the lion bites the bears throat breaking the fital core the lion walks in victory. The had them set up a ring with y’all posts so lion and bear couldn’t get out. it ain’t happening young man. The bear is undoubtly stronger, but do keep in mind that lions are ~60% skeletal muscle – rivaled only by the tiger. But if you want to persuade me, please list some facts why the lion will win. The lion sunk its canines deep into the bear’s neck. Bored california miners in the 19th century imported animals from around the world to fight and the bear ALWAYS won. Your link was faulty.. What did grizzlies inspire care bears , so in the immortal words of Mr.T “i pity the fool” who picked bears for the win. Required fields are marked *. These animals are continents apart, so for them to fight against each other is a far off distant reality along with their living conditions which are also entirely different from each other. If weight carried the day, then how are lions able to ever kill buffalo? They also like to prey on salmon fish, elk, deer, and black bears. Think of this in human terms. A 150 pound man and a 200 pound man are essentially the same, other than weight. They typically prey on wild buffaloes, wildebeests, zebra, deer, and antelopes. Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. Forum Posts. Yes, tigers can fight sufficiently on their hind legs, but this is only for short periods of time, and its much more of a forward fall than it is a stand. There was a thick layer of fat under the bear’s fur which protected it’s trachea. It turns out the lions skull is too thin and 1 swipe would kill the lion. Siberian Tiger – The largest canines & the greatest bite force(carnivorous) in the animal kingdom with the greatest paw swipe strength any carnivorous animal holds. Those who claim that the lion would win don’t know what they’re talking about. A 1200+ lbs kodiak grizzly would dispatch any lion within minutes. You have to understand that after a certain point, size is irrelevant. Its evident you don’t know much of a fully grown grizzly the strength alone would handle a lion easily. You do realize a Kodiak hibernates during winter? Take the blinders off man. im from africa,,.and if you dont know anything about the mighty beast ie The lion.please dont comment.Thats why we have the lion of juddah.Rather than the bear of judah or the tiger of judah. But, if weight was the deciding factor in every conflict, a trim and toned Muhammad Ali would not have been victorious over the gargantuan George Foreman in the aptly named ‘Rumble in the Jungle’. Bears may look like fat, lumbering garbage disposals, but they too have fast twitch muscles, easily comparable to those of a big cat, so the whole “speed and agility” argument, is highly disputable. Modern lion skulls are thin enough that one decent blow from a bear will crush it, killing the lion instantly. It’s a popular match-up in pub arguments, although its unlikely that the two animals would ever meet. What animals live at the bottom of the Mariana Trench? Really? Their front claws may be as long as 4 inches. We can conclude that these two animals won’t be able to sustain in each other’s habitats due to the climatic conditions. Ferox debating style and way of wording is the exact same as on the old Carnivora and other debate forums, some of his words here are almost word for word from other places. Let’s look at the top speeds of the two predators. Underneath their nose, the lion has a patch of white fur which surrounds the mouth. In a fight between a gorilla and a lion, they would be pretty equally matched. African male lion has the mane which protects its neck from the heavy swipe from grizzly bear. Can jump longer because of the explosive power in it’s hind legs. I just watched a true story of 2 men in Canada called “I Survived.” This grizzly bear went up a tree 35 feet after a man and grabbed his foot to pull him down! The polar bear runs because it’s summer and he’s in no condition to fight. Grizzly bear will always win in head to head fight with African lion because grizzlies are stronger, taller, and heavier. If they fight and get hurt then the balance will be bad in nature. Iap, But nevertheless, you have to keep in mind that for 900+ lb grizzlies, most of that weight comes from fat. The fight could go either way. Why would it do that instead of swiping it? No way that the mountain would go down like that. Stamina- Bears can fight for hours trying to exert dominance. Guest . And actually strikes in a fight vs push ..and the force of the lion’s strike has been estimated to be By far the strongest blow only second to a whale tail hit…historically, documents have shown exact opposite, lions have killed bear incl. I do not know of any actual fights between a grizzly and a tiger or lion, just smaller black bears. Only the males have gorgeous manes. They may live up to 15 years. But why are they called “inland city bears” than? I'm sorry to say that bears and lions have been pitted against one another on many, many occasions, always for human 'sport'. It seems the Lion is super willing to engage in combat with other animals and usually rushes the bear head on and bites its neck until the bear gives in. How to Take care for your pets during the Corona Pandemic? Jake, Muscle makes Do some research and gain wisdom. Do you think a lion alone can beat a Siberian tiger? And for those of you who want to claim “siberian tigers hint brown bears” , you are correct, however, these are european brown bears, which weigh an average of 250 pounds, less than half the size of a siberian tiger. The females weighs in around 280 pounds and is little under 6 feet long. Grizzly man is not smart at all he just walked up to some big ass grizzlies and said he was there friends. one more thing, I have researched power vs weight ratio. Several studies have proven that bears are as intelligent as some of the great apes, look it up. Let’s compare their strengths and weaknesses to find out. The Romans used to have these two creatures fight in the Colosseum, but they didn’t have Grizzlies. My friend and I were having an incredibkly inane argument over a bear vs. an african lion. They have way stronger bite force, have thicker skin, and have stronger paw swipes with intelligence and stamina on their side. only one male lion all the hyenas , wolves and wide dogs will disappear, just 2 wolves will chase a bear and take his food, bear are lazy and sluggish and slow. The bear is protected by fur and fat, AND the bear has longer claws, which could most certainly do a lot of damage. That would be trouble for a cat. The average grizzly bear can easily tip the scales at 300 kg (660 lbs), making it well over a third heavier than a large lion at 180 kg (400 lbs). Bears have incredible problem solving skills. Weapon-wise, the bite of a lion is stronger but not by a big margin, and the grizzly’s claws are much more deadly than a lion’s. You keep bringing up fast twitch muscle fibers, you do realize the more fast twitch fibers one possesses the less stamina it would have. Most bear species would because lions have very fragile skulls and a hard, well placed blow with a simple stick is enough to kill a lion. I recommend fixing this if you want this site to reach its truly amazing potential. They weigh a massive 800 pounds, which is twice the size of an African lion. The lion wins at average/equal weights and the bear wins at maximum weights. African Lion is the better fighter and hunter than grizzly, as he has to face bigger challenges for its food in African jungle. Keep it permanent so I’m not tempted to waste time around here in the future. Let’s weigh the odds and figure it out together. Btw, what does an animals diet have to do with “superiorority” A 6 ton bull elephant eats nothing but grass and leaves. It’s the same thing as a heavy weight boxer walking through the punches of a middle weight. However, this only pissed the bear off more, who started squeezing the lion with all its might. Has the loudest roar in the animal kingdom. This obviously won't be a walkover for either combatant. Well, grizzly and bear biologists/expert state brown/grizzly/kodiaks do not strike but push and grappled and their bite is the main weapon in fighting or hunting,.100s on video on YouTube support that claim…the one hit blow is the biggest bs myth..tons of video of bear baiting on liveleak, where brown bears can’t even manage to break a 60lb dogs back, and other video of where dogs lunge at their neck and bear manages to land nor strike once and breaks nothing ,, if you see bear hunt a hog, that weighs 400lbs , it takes him a long as time to hold and bite it to death. so the bear has more strangth but nature have gave a lion a great gift a big fuzzy mane. That said, the heaviest Kodiak grizzly ever recorded was over 2,000lbs. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases, Let’s get to know the Grizzly Bear and the African Lion, Comparing features of a Grizzly Bear and an African Lion, Strengths and weaknesses of the two animals. But i’m not a ‘grizzly bear fanboy’ I simply think the bear will win the fight. In terms of skill, agility, and experience, the scales tip in favor of the African lion. The lion fainted. Watch the Alaskan show with the KIlchers. It’s just not very likely. The outcome of the match will depend on several factors. Its long and sharp claws are similarly adapted to the landscape. The polar bear has a longer/slimmer neck which allows it to search 4 feet into ice holes. Actually, both a lion & a tiger would beat a grizzly bear because the weight difference is within a 100 pounds (remember, pound for pound, big cats are one of the most powerful animals). Tigers seem to fare well against bears but I have no idea about Lions. They are skittish because they are heavily hunted. You know the size difference between a lion and polar bear and lion it’s right here. Also the fat and the thick fur of the grizzly would protect him from the lion’s bites and paw swipes. Who wins in the mighty clash of the predators African Lion and Grizzly Bear? Water or land? Male lions help the pride when lionesses is unable to takedown the bigger prey like wild buffaloes and on the other side grizzly always prey on easy and small animals (big animals rarely if found in surroundings). Grizzly bear can fight till their death which makes him the true dangerous predator in the world which lion or other big predators can’t do. Male lions may have a larger muscle-body mass ratio, but in this case it will not matter near as much than if they had similar weights. It’s funny how you’re acting, really. When the bear got to a squeezing pressure of 1700 volts, the lion let out a roar of pain. Also in all the historical fights between the two, the bear has won every fight. Grizzly bears are too thickly boned/densely muscled, when they swipe and connect with the lion or tigers (who have a much less robust skeletal structure) head, the neck breaks. Discover our latest special editions covering a range of fascinating topics from the latest scientific discoveries to the big ideas explained. A lion’s mane won’t defend him from a tiger’s claw, nor a grizzly bear’s claw. I might give the edge to the Grizzly because it has the ability to stand on it’s hind legs without any support. 365 38. Plus, the Lion’s got a mane that might protect it’s neck. He has way more endurance than the tiger. The stamina of a grizzly is unmatched by any predator. The thick hair around his neck protects him from the lions death grip, the lion refuses to be taken down. Well yeah if a killer blow hits either of them they would be killed. So the lazy lion will get beaten easily. bears are great fighters just like lions but you must understand how do tigers fight and bears fight. Could your self-driving car choose to kill you? That would take days or weeks to set in so the entire pride would need to stalk the entire herd of elefants, Orchas also know as killer whales, also known to hunt sharks for sport, also one of the meanest animals in the sea, if it can take a great white shark bit you tigers claws are only gonna piss it off more, Where are these facts of yours all I see is opinions called facts with zero sources, You have major issues man you know those suits k9 trainers wear, that’s the layers of fat the bears have, a lion cannot get through them with teeth or claws you use the bacterial infection as a form of victory, fun fact lions have fought Komodo Dragons and by those stipulations it’s a tie, the Komodo only needs one hit to kill the lion days later from either poison bacterial infection or both, but you won’t admit your pretious lion can lose to a lizard. This is predator vs prey. Lol. If it is the whole pride of lions against one grizzly then the lions win. In fact, the largest bear ever discovered was a Kodiak,not a Polar Bear. They are a subspecies of the brown bear, typically brown in color. however, weight is usually power. Yes, it does. 800-1100lbs of Predator vs 450-650lbs of predator no comparison.Hunters said where they came upon a Grizzly kill caribou carcass the ribs were completely broken in half where they Grizzly swipe at the body, That is true, they stopped doing it because it was too one sided and it was very expensive to replace the wasted big cats. However, if they were to meet, what will be the outcome? So I respect the American Grizzly. Gaurus. You know what, you fail to comprehend the fact that you have to prove the bear is stronger. They have an equally large appetite. Excellent swimmers. Here’s why—The cats lack the ability to stand on their hind legs. Oh, yeah I forgot. To be fair, fights from captivity are not reliable because none of the animals are in healthy conditions. I mean absolute zero. Stephen… just stop lying. The Tiger may still have been alive at that point in time but was not responding to the Zoo keeper throwing a loop over his neck. I don’t think a lion could do that. If a lion fought a tiger, it depends but the tiger wins most of the time. the bear has more strangth but he gets tired of bitting a mattress. He used to spray ammonia on his tigers, and Beatty himself admitted that his arena was built in a way which would favor the lions in battle. What it don’t mention is that bears fight each other all the time during mating season so that shows that bears do have skills in fighting. Rob, Yup, you are absolutely right. Big cats are less than 10% body fat. Why? This is because a lion/tiger’s mass is more evenly distributed (a tiger’s mass is more evenly distributed than a lion’s, but both their masses are more evenly distributed than a bear’s). I cant reference it but I remember reading 2 lions were no match either. Their paw swipes would be nothing more than a waste of energy. No offense, I understand your opinion completely. some actual research.. While the tiger is built for hunting. Heterotrophic Organism . why? By all means the lion would certainly be a formidable opponent, but have you seen the grizzly bears in North America? Even a grizzly would give a lion a beat down. This 311kg lion isn't beating a 680kg grizzly bear. In any case, I don’t think anyone argued the point that the lion is as strong. If you look at what his last name means it roughly means son of a bear. They include a wide variety of food in their diet. African lions are usually strong in general but not as compared to other cats in the family as tigers appear to be stronger. The tiger’s intelligence may win out in this battle though. One the other hand, the African lion generally weighs between 260 to 425 pounds. Tiger vs Grizzly Bear will be the perfect battles of the unstoppable predators. Grizzly Bear vs Kodiak Bear Fight comparison- who will win? But still I think the bear had more chances of winning, obviously because they are far bigger and owes greater strength. INTERESTING TOPIC… They hunt smaller prey like fishes and elks. The huge fat bear over winter hibernation gives any fighting chance to the bear? Grizzly paws are bigger than those of African lion and helps him to swipe stronger while fighting with its competitor. In that sense, the values will differ for the same animals in different lists. I’m also blessed with common sense and have the ability to view unbiased research. Male lions are not picking fights with cape buffalo when they are on their own; that would simply be suicide. Grizzly Bear Vs African lion Fight – The weather is mild spring and the sun is shining. A single paw swipe could kill or seriously injure the lion. Tony, Tigers have been know to prey on Kamchatka brown bears which are not true grizzlies. In Alaska, bears have no dumbsters and must fight for dominance in fishing streams, as well as for mates. They can cause more damage to their opponent, even if lions have the upper hand in terms of speed and skill. nowhere near “1200lb” – that is a fat-as bear.. Loool you obviously don’t know about Siberian tigers, they would make a lion look like a puppy. For whatever it matters. You know, this truly is silly. Grizzly bears are simply too big and strong for a lion. You might be ten years old tops. Bears only will like you if you raised them like Brutus. Tigers are killers, lions are wrestlers. They protect the pride while the lionesses are the primary hunters. The tiger jumped on the bear, and the bear crushed the cat’s spine with one paw swipe. There majestic, powerful and against an American grizzly pretty much dead. you obviously have no idea about research, In the Roman Empire history those people would pit fight the Grizzly Bears against the Lion’s and Tigers in the Coliseum the outcome was if a Lion or the Tigers lasted 2 minutes it was pure luck but the outcome was the same Grizzlies destroyed the big cats ripped the cat’s to shreds . The only fan boy is you, the facts are well on the lions side and not the bears…show me more times bears have killed lions than this: Just saw an actual photo of a Grizzly bears paw on Facebook. I've seen video of a bear chasing down and catching a deer, the process taking a minute or so with the bear keeping pace and following all the twists and turns that the prey animal could manage. Grizzly Bear – Super beefy with the massive amount of fat it has in it’s body. Regardless, a 1000lb grizzly would destroy a lion in any fight. If you watch those Bears on the other hand, are built for fighting. Grizzly bear posses so much fat which help him to get rid of lion paw swipes and grip. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our, African Lion v Barren Ground Grizzly Bear. They may live up to 25 years in the wild. Ap the average weight for an adult grizzly is 600 to 800 pounds the average weight of a lion is 300 to 400 pounds I would call that more than a 100 pound difference. Bro, you think you is smarter than all of the rest of us! A big man would walk through a smaller man’s punches. I was just looking around about lion vs grizzly. No animal is born to kill, your comment is full of fanciful fanboy rant. Grizzly could beat a lion but is tied with a tiger. Grizzly can stands on its hind legs for a long time while African lion can stand and this is the very big advantage for grizzly. Their paws are built for crushing ice looking for ring seals. They are equally matched in many aspects but there is one most likely winner in a hypothetical match between the two. However, once again, the bear was unharmed, because there was a deep layer of fat which protected it’s internal organs. If the tiger can be evasive enough to land the killing blow, it can win. You think the lion will beat the grizzly… the the tiger will beat the lion… and the bear will beat the tiger. On the other hand, an African lion has a bite force of only 650 pounds per inch. Grizzlies come under one of the world’s deadliest mammals. Well unlike many predators both use their claws and their teeth when fighting so that is kind of even. Bro, you think a brown bear would shred a Siberian tiger! So the, I switch sides, lol. They are ferocious animals, popularly known as King of the Jungle. What if two of the most dangerous predators ever—the Grizzly bear and African lion—were to go head to head? This is one of the silliest debates on the internet. Gaurus. It’s no wonder they live in fear of humans and other large animals, Polar bears and Kodiaks do cross paths during the summer. It will slowly cripple it with strategically placed attacks and let the bear slowly bleed to death before going in for the kill. A 1500 lb Polar/Kodiak Brown is not obese. they beat down them easyly but when it comes to bears bears are really overweighted they smash the trees and eat honey very powerfull and they all eat fish yeah thats true….. i would say that bears would win.but question is here can bears beat 3 hyeans like male lions does? In the wild, the lion runs away. Lets talk about this fight first. In the Roman Empire times, the colosseum fights involving animals, tigers vs lions, the tiger won most times, there are even old paintings depicting tigers on top slain lions in the colosseum. First of all the biggest brown bear is The Alaskan Brown bear also known as the Kodiak which isn’t a grizzly and is much bigger than a grizzly. Subscribe to BBC Focus magazine for fascinating new Q&As every month and follow @sciencefocusQA on Twitter for your daily dose of fun science facts. I think the lion would win because they are faster and more fierce than the grizzly bear but also lions most of the time fight in prides and grizzlies fight alone so if they were to meet in the wild the lion would win but one lion on one grizzly grizzly would win. But a coastal grizzly, which averages ~1200 lbs, could give the lion a run for it’s money in a straight up fight. An adult male grizzly bear can weigh around 340 kg with the shoulder height of 3 ft 6 inch to 4 ft 1 inch and the head & body length is ranging from 7 ft 1 inch to 7 ft 8 inch. He was arrested for animal cruelty. I don’t understand your force category. It probably was a Bengal tiger rather than a Siberian tiger. … That’s all I’m gonna say. They live in two vastly different geographical and climatic zones. It can clamp down on its prey using its jaw. Thats would have made things a little different I feel. Especially a Grizzly robbed of its cubs. Yeah rob defiantly earned the grizzly bear fanboy award.

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