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Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. BUT your piercer should give you aftercare instructions whether verbally or written before you leave the studio. As the jewellery was externally threaded, I’ve learnt from personal experience that it feels like a sharp cheese grater going through the hole. Labret Studs - Tragus Earrings - Lip Piercing Jewelry 16G - Monroe Piercing Jewelry - Cartilage Earrings – Lip rings - Labret Jewelry Studs - Medusa Piercing Jewelry, 8 Pcs Surgical Steel Lip Ring Studs for Women&Men. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Jewelry from anatometal. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. I thought it was left over marker but it turned out to be a bruise. Usually doing sea salt soaks as I suggested above will help draw all the puss and gunk out. I do still find sometimes that my lips get dry and flaky, as there is a ball there it is hard to lick your lips, so lip balm will also be one of your best friends. Mine personally healed at around the 3 month mark, maybe a little bit longer. My piercer then put a pair of forceps on my lip and positioned them in line with the dots she had made. However, if you do see your doctor and it is infected, no matter what they tell you, do NOT take the jewellery out of the infected piercing site. ♡, Vertical Labret Piercing Procedure:, 19 years old. Attractive I know! ❤️ 100% Upvoted. Guides say that it takes around 2-3 months for it to heal, sometimes it can be longer, sometimes shorter. Just for you to be mindful as sport and exercise can impact healing. The piercer pierced me with a 1.2mm hollowed out Cannula needle, which looks something like the image above. It wasn’t really painful, it just felt really, really sharp, especially when the needle entered the bottom of my lip and came out through the top portion. ♡ Thank you for taking the time to read my post! I was told to come back in about 3 months time or so. What the heck did you guys moisturize your lips with? & no, it doesn't wreck your teeth at all! There’s a lot of mixed opinions about when a piercing, any piercing will heal, as there really is no definite answer for everybody. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. I would also like to add about scarring. When I was done with my form and she was done sanitizing everything she needed, I got called in and sat down on a kind of dentist chair (I have no idea what these chairs are called). Everyone heals at different rates, it all depends on your own body. Overall it was a quick procedure. The Vertical Labret is generally pierced with a curved barbell, so either end will be secured with a ball or cone. So I suggest if you are thinking about a Vertical Labret, you should talk to your family, do your own research and make sure it’s for you. It all depends on your own individual pain tolerance. Weren’t happy about it. Have a good morning/night! Get it as soon as Tue, Nov 10. Where I would usually position my cup on my lip whilst drinking, well, there was now a ball there that couldn’t take pressure, so over time I had to readjust where cups would rest on my lip for me to drink. When I take my curved barbell out of my lip, there is a lot of healed, hard scar tissue that has built up around the ball on top of my lip, nothing bad or noticeable, it’s just where it has healed. Shop For Your Vertical Labret Piercing Jewelry share. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. It was hard for me to eat sandwiches or burgers, so I stuck to picking apart my food and eating bit by bit slowly. Anyways, vertical labret piercings are not too painful, and mine didn't bleed much at all, just a couple spots on a tissue. Change ), Me Now Generation II Long Lasting Lip Gloss, Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer Review and Swatch, 99. ♡ 19 Years Old and Obsessed with Makeup ♡. On the left side, you can see it still has purple marker on it, however on the right it is starting to bruise, which was some 20 minutes later. Forbidden Body Jewelry 16g 8mm Surgical Steel Opalite Curved Barbell for Daith, Eyebrow, Rook & Vertical Labret Piercings. But sometimes that still won’t be enough. The difference is that instead of passing through to the interior of the mouth, it travels in the upper direction coming out at the top or even slightly forward on the lower lip. If this is your first piercing, or you’ve had piercings before, either way you might be told to relax and take a deep breath or two before they actually pierce you. 0 comments. With the piercing procedure all done, she removed the clamp whilst the needle was still in my lip, removed the needle and left the Cannula plastic tube in my mouth and snipped off the end. The photo was spotted online and people have since imitated the piercing and its fast rising in popularity. So to prevent further damage, that is why the plastic tube is used. Especially my mum. Now if you do happen to get an infection, or you think you have might have one, you will need to go to the doctors. I got my Vertical Labret pierced on the 6th June 2015. Now, some people actually tend to say that the clamp hurts more than the actual needle going through, and in some cases with me, that’s actually true. When I turned up, I walked in with my dad and greeted my piercer, told her what I wanted and waited in the waiting room outside, filling out a Piercing Consent Form whilst she sterilized everything. Downsized right before picture was taken. In the morning, my lips swell and produce that Kylie Jenner look. A Vertical Labret, however, actually gets pierced through the center of the bottom lip, vertically, hence the name. So mine started swelling a little bit, not noticeably to anyone else but me, and also bruised purple very fast. I then take some cotton buds and remove any gunk and dry the area. This can all narrow down to the length of your body jewellery, it should be the right length for your piercing so that none of these problems occur. As for any kind of lip plumping, it does plump my lip up a bit, I do notice a difference. If the pain doesn’t really go away after the piercing, you can take some ibuprofen to ease it, always take it as recommended on the packaging or bottle. I looked at the position she had marked and approved it. To start off with, some people tend to get confused between a regular Labret piercing and a Vertical Labret. report. no comments yet. Nov 18, 2018 - Explore Viviana Nino's board "Vertical labret piercing " on Pinterest. A regular Labret piercing goes through the skin just below the bottom lip and out through the back into the gum opposite. See more ideas about Labret piercing, Labret, Piercing. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Three weeks into healing. ( Log Out /  Today I thought I would give you a look into my personal experience with my Vertical Labret as where I live it is pretty uncommon to see and also give you some handy tips and information if you are considering this piercing or already have a Vertical Labret. Okay I just got my vertical labret done. Unless you are allergic to ibuprofen, then obviously do not take it. Be sure to go see a doctor or your piercer even if you are not sure. ( Log Out /  To get a good idea of the pain you might be in, pinch your lip as hard as you can with two fingers. But not this case. best. Your piercer should suggest to you a time to come back in the future so you can downsize your bar to a better fit. I didn’t get told to breathe because I knew the drill like the back of my hand. She then sanitized my lip with a strong alcohol wipe and started marking my lip where the needle would go through, making small little purple dots underneath my lip and on the center of my bottom lip. Not to mention potential tooth loss! This was taken on the 11th of June 2015, which was 5 days after I got my Vertical Labret done and the bruising has subsided as well as some of the swelling. Once I was comfortably seated she began to measure the length of my lip to determine what size jewellery I would need to start off with. However, one thing that was a disadvantage with my Vertical Labret was eating and drinking, only in the initial healing stage. The dots were in the middle of the holes the forceps had, as the picture above shows, so that when she pierced the tissue, she would have better control and it would be steady. Some people might be put off at the fact that it is from ebay. An ultimate guide on labret piercing includes designs, procedure, pain, healing, aftercare, jewelry, cost, rings and Complications Associated. She kind of pierced it in a curved way so that when the bar went in it would heal nicely. I love the way their bars and other products look on me. She's normally highly esteemed in my area so I didn't mind when she said she wanted to wait until the hole felt better and we could repierce. It is not advisable to keep touching the area or your jewellery, as playing with it and disturbing it when you are not cleaning it can potentially cause you issues. Eyebrow Piercing Stainless Steel Earrings CZ Matt Ball Curved Barbell Daith Rook Snug Tragus Body Jewelry Retainer, Mudder 12 Pieces 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Belly Lip Ring Eyebrow Studs Cartilage Tragus Cubic Zirconia Barbell Body Piercing, 2 Styles, SCERRING 18-30PCS 14G Stainless Steel Eyebrow Tragus Helix Rook Daith Earrings Belly Tongue Nipple Lip Ring Barbell with Balls Body Piercing Jewelry 8-16mm, Ruifan 16G Clear Cubic Zirconia Internally Thread Curved Barbell Eyebrow Tragus Ring Piercing Jewelry 6-10mm, Forbidden Body Jewelry 16g 8mm Surgical Steel Opalite Curved Barbell for Daith, Eyebrow, Rook & Vertical Labret Piercings. But my dad managed to agree with me eventually. I personally get my jewellery from an ebay seller called Vault101limited. 1/2" lobes, vertical labret, double nose piercing (not wearing in picture: medusa/philtrum, septum). The back of a regular Labret bar can cause issues such as gum erosion and receding gums. When your Vertical Labret is healed you can begin to experiment with different coloured jewellery, shapes etc. You will be looking for things like friendliness, cleanliness etc. On the left is a Labret piercing and on the right is a Vertical Labret. She asked me if I was ready, I said yes, secretly shitting myself slightly, and then she inserted the needle from the bottom upwards. Healing time may vary. 4 years ago. One of the reasons I decided to get a Vertical Labret is because I already had my Medusa or Philtrum pierced and it caused me some gum issues that were solved eventually, but I didn’t want to have to go through that all again with my bottom lip. One of the reasons I decided to get a Vertical Labret is because I already had my Medusa or Philtrum pierced and it caused me some gum issues that were solved eventually, but I didn’t want to have to go through that all again with my bottom lip. Parents you may ask? To clean my piercings, especially this one, I always boil some water in the kettle, let it cool until I can stand it, measure a ¼ spoon of sea salt and mix it in a portion of water until saturated in and then put a little bit of this mixture into a shot glass and hold it over my Vertical Labret for about 5 minutes or so. She checked it looked straight and then handed me a mirror to look at the position, but as I did that, my lips were so dry, of course, being me I had to lick them, so I got a mouthful of alcohol tasting marker and she had also lost the marker! Scarring is inevitable with this piercing, if you ever decide to take this out after having it for a very long amount of time, you will be left with a scar. The lip is normally pierced just below the lower lip passing up to come out at the top of the lower lip so that both ends of the piercing are visible. I could see she sterilized everything as there was a window I could look through to the studio that was beyond the waiting room. My mum doesn’t mind now, but I guess it was just the thought of me being in pain that put her off. One thing that made my life easier at that point were straws, tons of them. She used a silver curved barbell which was 12mm long and had two 3mm balls either end. It is also not advisable to kiss or have any kind of oral sex for at least the first two initial healing weeks. My vertical labret was pretty straight-forward. She unscrewed my jewellery which was long enough for the initial swelling that I would be experiencing soon and connected one of the ends into the end of the plastic tube, then gently moved the tube through the freshly made hole, guiding the jewellery into the hole without causing too much damage to the hole. Doing so will allow the infection to be trapped inside the body as the piercing closes instead of draining out like you need it to. Just because it’s healed doesn’t mean to say that you need to stop taking care of it, as it will still be susceptible to infection anytime, it is an open wound remember. 14 gauge stainless steel septum clicker measures 10mm wide and 6mm tall. hide. If you notice any green or yellow puss, swelling, redness, or if the skin is overly hot to the touch, you might have an infection. You can research about scarring and all that good stuff a little bit more in depth on Google and there are always YouTube videos. save. If the piercer has never performed a Vertical Labret before, do not let yourself be a guinea pig and find somewhere else. Vertical Labret Piercing. Piercing by me. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Price and other details may vary based on size and color. I love all things to do with art, animals, nature, books, tattoos, piercings etc. Bringing High Quality Body Piercing To South Jersey. A young woman who had requested for standard labret had the piercer accidentally do a vertical labret. I know you’re not supposed to use oil. Fashion septum piercing Body> Specifications 14 Gauge (1.6mm), wicked piercings for your lip - Google Search. I would also say that not only sandwiches and burgers were a pain in the butt to eat, but also sometimes eating things with a fork, If I wasn’t careful I would accidentally get my ball stuck between the prongs of the fork, which would hurt. It took a good 5-10 seconds in order to complete the journey through my lip. For the first couple of weeks your lip might be sore and swollen, but that is normal for a fresh healing piercing. $11.99 $ 11. If there is anything you would like to know make sure to drop me a comment or contact me on my social medias linked on my home page! ( Log Out /  I apologized, felt like an idiot, but nonetheless she was cool about it and then again disinfected the area again with a really strong alcohol wipe that smelt strongly of vodka. Just try to skim and find some key points. Piercer’s should generally have all the experience and knowledge about what they do to be working in such an environment. Keep area clean after workouts, and mindful of the clothing you wear when working out. I’ve now been going there for years so they know me quite well. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. It never goes inside your mouth, which is really nice for people who's anatomy won't allow them to get regular labret piercings. It might be a bit of a long post, so you definitely don’t have to read all of it. Got my vertical labret pierced intially last saturday, but my piercer couldn't get the curved barbell through. Drinking out of a cup was a no no for the first couple of months. Product Details Change up your look with this sexy septum clicker. Once you do find a good seller, by asking questions about products and looking at reviews, you will need to sterilize your jewellery once you receive it. I’d like to think that I have a fairly high pain tolerance, so to me, the clamps just felt like a really tight grip, almost a sharp pressure. 4.3 out of 5 stars 112. The pain, of course, could be less or worse, depending on the individual. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Look at examples of their previous work, call or email them, even better, make a visit and see what you think. To always be safe, make sure you use Surgical Steel or Titanium, which is the most common kinds of jewellery to use. Featured with 5 prong set clear cubic zirconia on the ring, with a hinge which opens and clicks closed. Yes there are a lot of dodgy sellers and products out there, but if you pay attention to prices and quality of products, you will get your money’s worth. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Sort by. The bar in my lip keeps the tissue plumper. As I found out it didn’t touch my gums inside my mouth and completely avoided the inside, it sounded perfect for me and it was! Make sure you find a reputable piercing studio and do research on the place to make sure it is safe for you. Forbidden Body Jewelry 16g 8mm Surgical Steel 3mm CZ Heart Top Barbell for Daith, Eyebrow and Rook Piercing, Jenxnjsjo Curved Barbell Eyebrow Lip Ear Piercing Jewelry, Prjndjw 30PCS 16G 8MM 10MM Bar Surgical Steel Glow in The Dark Eyebrow Ring Curved Barbell Piercing Jewelry Retainer for Women Men, Ruifan 10-16PCS 16G Surgical Steel Eyebrow Ear Navel Belly Lip Ring Body Piercing Jewelry, Hoeudjo Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry 16G Surgical Steel Curved Barbell with Ball Kit Tragus Ring Piercings Jewelry 16-24Pcs 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm, Ruifan 10-24PCS Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry Curved Barbell Kit Eyebrow Tragus Lip Ring 16g 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm, Dyknasz 6-12 Pcs 16G Stainless Steel Eyebrow Piercing Rings Clear CZ Curved Barbell Helix Daith Piercing Body Jewelry for Women Men, Ruifan 16G 3mm Opal Internally Threaded Curved Barbell Eyebrow Belly Lip Tragus Ring Piercing Jewelry 4PCS, Forbidden Body Jewelry 16g Surgical Steel Synthetic Opal Flat Back Curved Barbell (Pick Length/Color), Forbidden Body Jewelry 16g Surgical Steel Synthetic Opal Top Barbell for Daith, Eyebrow and Rook Piercing, Prjndjw 3/8in(10mm) L, 8Pairs, 16G Curved Barbells. On the left is a Labret piercing and on the right is a Vertical Labret. Smiling and laughing was a bit painful for me at first, as my lips naturally stretched when I smiled. The vertical labret piercing is one of the most unique facial piercings. Once again, excuse the state of my skin, it never was the best! Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I went with my dad to my local piercer’s where my dad gets his tattoos done. Subiceto 18 PCS 16G Stainless Steel Rook Daith Earrings Belly Lip Ring Eyebrow Piercing CZ Punk Plastic Curved Barbell Body Piercing Jewelry 10mm, Anicina Tragus Earring 16G Stainless Steel Horseshoe Barbell Plastic Labret Lip Rings Tragus Helix Rook Cartilage Earrings Medusa Piercing Jewelry 8mm 5/16" for Women Men, SCERRING 18-36PCS 16G Stainless Steel Eyebrow Tragus Helix Rook Daith Earrings Tongue Nipple Belly Lip Ring Barbell Body Piercing Jewelry 6-16mm, 4pc 14g Curved Barbell Vertical Labret Surgical Steel Cartilage Earrings Piercing Jewelry 2 Lengths, Ruifan 16G Crystal Ferido Ball Curved Barbell Eyebrow Ear Ring Body Piercing Jewelry 8mm 10mm, ORAZIO 8-12Pcs 16G Stainless Steel Eyebrow Ring Lip Ring Body Piercing Jewelry 6-12mm, Ruifan 12PCS 14G Surgical Steel Eyebrow Ear Navel Belly Lip Ring Body Piercing Jewelry, SCERRING 12PCS 16G Stainless Steel Curved Barbell Eyebrow Tragus Helix Ear Belly Lip Ring Body Piercing Jewelry, Ruifan 12-24PCS 16G Surgical Steel Eyebrow Ear Navel Belly Lip Ring Body Piercing Jewelry, Ruifan 10PCS Mix Color Double Jeweled Diamond Curved Barbell Eyebrow Tragus Lip Ring 16g 8mm, Ruifan 2PCS Titanium Eyebrow Tragus Lip Ring Piercing Jewelry Curved Barbell with Ball Kit 16g 16 Gauge 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm, MATIGA 2Pcs Anodized 16g 5/16 8mm Banana Barbell Piercing Jewelry Cartilage Helix Eyebrow Tragus Daith 3mm Ball Cone More Choices, Pierced Owl Prong Set Tear Drop CZ Curved Barbell in 316L Stainless Steel, Forbidden Body Jewelry 16g 8mm Surgical Steel Curved Barbell for Daith, Eyebrow, Rook & Belly Button with CZ Ribbon Tied Top, Gnoliew 16G 316L Stainless Steel Labret Monroe Lip Ring Studs Cartilage Helix Tragus Nose Piercing, SCERRING 8 Pairs 16g Stainless Steel Clear CZ Internally Threaded Labret Monroe Lip Tragus Cartilage Helix Earring Ring Body Piercing Jewelry 6mm 8mm, G23 Implant Grade Titanium Internally Threaded 14GA Curved Barbell Piercing with Crystal Gems, Internally Threaded Curved Barbell 16g Vertical Labret Balls Gauge Internal Thread Jewelry Piercing, 4PCS Stainless Steel Rainbow Curved Barbell 16 Gauge 3mm Ball Spike Tragus Earrings Labret Piercing Jewelry See More Sizes, BodyJ4You 120 PCS Body Piercing Lot Belly Ring Tongue Eyebrow Tragus Barbells 14G 16G Random Mix, PiercingJ 2-5PCS 16G 3/8" (10MM) Stainless Steel Cubic Zirconia Gem(3MM) Internally Thread Curved Barbell Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry, Oasis Plus 10pcs 16G Clear Flexible Bioplast Retainer Eyebow Ring Piercing for Jestrum Lip, Vertical Labret, Snake Bites, Rook, Bridge, Dynamique Vertical Drop Top Down Opal Set 316L Surgical Steel Belly Button Ring, ZS 8PCS 16G Stainless Steel Cubic Zirconia Curved Barbell Eyebrow Ring Daith Earring Rook Piercing, SCERRING 30PCS 16G Eyebrow Rings Tragus Helix Rook Daith Earrings Lip Ring Barbell Body Piercing Jewelry Retainer 6mm 8mm 10mm, Ruifan 3PRS 16G 3/8" (10MM) Stainless Steel 3mm CZ/Gems/Ball Curved Barbell Eyebrow Tragus Lip Belly Ring Piercing Jewelry - Rainbow, Forbidden Body Jewelry 16g 6mm Surgical Steel Curved Barbell for Daith, Eyebrow, Rook & Belly Button with Round CZ/Opalite Top, Forbidden Body Jewelry 00GA-16GA Internally Threaded Surgical Steel Curved Piercing Barbell, Mayhoop 16G Surgical Steel Daith Rook Earring 8mm 10mm Curved Barbell Eyebrow Rings Piercing Jewelry for Women Men, Forbidden Body Jewelry Value 5-Pk: 16g 8mm Surgical Steel Curved Barbells for Daith/Eyebrow/Rook and More, 8pc 16g Clear Curved Barbell Retainer Vertical Labret Lip Gauge Daith Rook Plastic Helix Earring Piercing Jewelry, 8pc Black Acrylic Curved Barbell 16g Plastic Bridge Eyebrow Earl Piercing Vertical Labret Spike Lot, Bling Piercing 4pc 16g Vertical Labret Retainer Curved Barbell Clear Lip Gauge Earring Cartilage Nipplering Plastic, Briana Williams 16G Tragus Earrings Clear Lip Rings Labret Studs Jeweled Cartilage Helix Earrings Flexible Clear Bar Monroe Medusa Piercing Retainer for Work 8-16pcs, bodyjewellery 4pcs 16g Curved Barbell Cartilage Lip Tragus Eyebrow Forward Helix Conch Daith Earring Black Vertical Labret Spike Pick Size, 2pc 16g Crystal CZ Curved Barbell Vertical Labret Cubic Zirconia Internally Threaded Jewelry 8mm, 8pc Black Acrylic 16g Curved Barbell Balls Vertical Labret Lip Rings Industrial Piercing Bar Lot Set, Pierced Owl 5 CZ Vertical Drop Reverse Belly Button Ring Surgical Steel 14g Top Down Navel Ring, 2pc Curved Barbell 16g Earring Gauge Hypoallergenic Surgical Steel Bar Women Piercing Jewelry Curve, Forbidden Body Jewelry Surgical Steel Internally Threaded Micro CZ Gem Tragus/Labret/Helix Piercing Stud/2mm Top 16G (6mm-10mm), Forbidden Body Jewelry 16g 8mm Surgical Steel Curved Barbell for Daith, Eyebrow, Rook & Belly Button with CZ Butterfly Top. This longer bar at first will accommodate for any swelling to come in the next week or so. The vertical labret piercing is the kind of piercing where the lower bead would be at the same place where a normal labret piercing would be, which is just below the lip. Vertical labret piercing also known as Angel Kissing Piercing was discovered and popularized in 1995 by an accident. View all posts by katieeh77. I don’t think every piercing or tattoo studio has consent forms but mine certainly does. Ask them anything you need to know. They heal a lot easier than eyebrow piercings. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. ( Log Out /  I definitely know my Vertical Labret is one of my favourite piercings that I have right now, closely followed in 2nd place to my Septum.

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