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From fascinating cities full of grand old squares to the beaches and resorts of the Algarve, it’s remarkable for its diversity and the warm welcome extended to visitors. Recomendo a todos, em especial a quem nunca utilizou este tipo de meio para ir de fim de semana, férias ou a algum evento desporto por exemplo. You pay full insurance and they cover only one case. Every Season is Magical. If that sounds like your perfect trip, here are some companies that offer campervan hire in Portugal. There is a high demand of motorhome rental in Portugal so do not hesitate to get in touch with us the longest in advance possible. The imt and GNR are very strict about this. Alberto was very nice and helpful. and the vans were actually in great condition. Friendly service, new cars and low prices are part of our every day offer. Another suggestion: The Getaway Van, based in Porto. I have rented a van two times in Portugal. Most companies charge between €30-150 per night for campervan hire, which is much more than it would normally cost to rent an Airbnb or cheap hostel and travel by public transport. Failed again multiple times, causing delays. You can also easily see reviews from people who have rented with that host previously. Extra facilities and add-ons include a wifi router, table and chairs, surfboard, wetsuit, bluetooth speaker, foldable bike, and board games. Free Spirit team is very nice and responsible. I’m very dissapointed. Whether you are hiring a car for business or pleasure, or you need a car or van, Europcar has the right hire car at Lisbon for you. Get the best price and value for your car rental by comparing the quotes of every car rental company in Portugal. This is definitely true during the summer months when prices can reach €150 per day or even higher. Siesta Campers offer classic and modern VW campervans and motorhomes for rent in Lisbon, Faro, and Porto. For more information visit I had a good experience overall, good value for money. A full list of vehicles for rent can be found at Remember to always bring your driving license, valid credit card and additional proof of identity (such as a passport if you are hiring abroad). Fly N’ Surf is a campervan and surfboard rental company that offers campervans for hire in Lisbon, Porto, and Faro. The van was dirty and they even wiped the toilet down and then wiped the table to eat from down with the same cloth, disgusting. Rent a campervan in Portugal and Explore nature. Our services, how we were born and why our project? You may not know this but you can rent campervans and motorhomes through Airbnb, and there are hundreds of them dotted around Portugal. Unlike many other campervan companies, their vans do not have logos or advertising on the side which is good news for those who want to be discreet. The 1st option, insurance is included in the rental price is a deposit of € 1500.00, this option allows to travel outside Portugal, However we have two more insurance options The 2nd option, Balanced option , however for more € 12.00 / day, the Hirer reduces the security deposit to €900. Yum. They must be plated with PT plates. There is no other European country where it’s possible to see an Iberian imperial eagle or azure-winged magpie amongst. A full list of campervans, caravans, and other vehicles for rent can be found at See a full list of campervans (in Portugal) on Airbnb here. Óptima para participação em provas desportivas como o Powerade Madrid Lisboa non stop em BTT, como foi o nosso caso. Portugal is very campervan-friendly and, as well as campsites, many people wildcamp in carparks and open spaces around the country (although this is technically illegal, but tolerated at certain times of the year). It’s possible to add on extras like a surfboard, guitar, a mini heater, or wifi. OLX is the Portuguese equivalent of Craiglist or Gumtree and, if you can’t find a good value camper on Airbnb, Yescapa, or through any of the campervan rental companies, it could be worth looking for a camper on OLX. Campervans, which are mainly Fiat Ducatos, are suitable for 4-5 persons and include integrated GPS, electricity, kitchen, and a security safe. You blew your second tire – you’re on your own. Portugal has 21 sites or features classified as World Heritage, including monuments, historic city centers, landscapes and intangible heritages. With a coast line with aprox. Thank you for adding your review of Yescapa. Aceitar desafios, ir para a aventura mas de forma confortável e tranquila. Portugal is a country with a strong wine tradition, and the excellent quality of its wines is recognized across the world, with numerous awards and distinctions, won in international competitions. Come to Portugal and enjoy your music festival. (We had no blown tires the last 6 years) For your information: You can find our campers on: (that is Richie and Janis, our other camper, is on the bottom of that webpage. Van hire at Lisbon is made easy with Europcar. Yescapa hopes to be an Airbnb for campervan rental where you can rent campervans, motorhomes, and RVs directly from other people rather than from companies. (We rented Paradise and Wild Life, Paradise was definitely the one to go for! Your Hotel on Wheels. Portugal is so small but with a great diversity. Based in Porto, The Getaway Van offers a fleet of Ford Transit vans, with space for four people, for rent. I spent too many hours for searching a dacent camper and now I regret buying plane tickets. The second time I rented on Airbnb (Yes, you can also rent RVs there). Van, sheets, pillows, sleeping bags, ... Todas as condições para poder desfrutar confortavelmente de uma escapadinha ou férias. Av. 850km of beaches bathed by the Atlantic ocean, Portugal has so much to explore. There are options which most of the them does not offer. Aliança Povo MFA, Parque Tecnológico da Mutela, Edifício 1, Piso 3, Gabinete C315. Auto Euro is a car rental comparison site that also allows you to compare the cost of motorhome and campervan rental from a select number of companies in Portugal like Indie Campers or McRent. We rented two, got some extras for free and they charged us for only one car for dropping both vans during closed hours – and the manager asked her boyfriend to take us back to Faro. Something went wrong please refresh the page and try again. Alberto shares some of the biggest challenges of his tourism promotion project as well as some tools that have helped him to be successful. Whether you are hiring a car for business or pleasure, or you need a car or van, Europcar has the right hire car at Portugal for you. Enjoy your vacation in Portugal. Car and van hire at Portugal is made easy with Europcar. Each beach has its own dazzling and surprising beauty. Listings also don’t have reviews from previous guests like they do on Airbnb and Yescapa. From a few that does it ‘Caravans2rent’ was actually great price for value. Motorhome facilities include a shower, toilet, crockery and cutlery, refrigerator, stove, and aircon. Motorhome Republic compares prices from several rental companies including Black Sheep, Pure Motorhomes, McRent, Euromotorhome, and Big Sky. Presumably someone could rent a camper in Spain and drive it into Portugal, but they just can’t rent a Spanish reg camper while in Portugal? Our social networks. However, it is a unique experience and sometimes unique experiences are worth paying extra for. Camptoo is another Airbnb for campervans and motorhomes and, like Yescapa, you can rent all sorts of vehicles from small campervans to large motorhomes. Portugal cuisine is as rich and varied as its landscapes. I checked the reviews of the host, he was a super host. Portuguese themselves have been marked by African, American and Asian influences and also by the people who lived here before the foundation of the country. Campervans come equipped with camping equipment, a cleaning kit, and bedding. The host was delayed by 3 hours, wasting our precious holiday time. As we returned we were not returned our deposit because allegedly we had broken the window and still asked more money to fix it. Vanscape is a Portuguese motorhome rental company based at Lisboa Camping, a campsite on the outskirts of Lisbon. The campervans are available for collection from either Lisbon or Porto, and include essentials like a shower system, picnic table and chairs, stove, and USB ports. Portugal Auto Rentals. Certamente a repetir com mais aventura ainda e o mesmo divertimento! The price is dynamic, starts with 100 eur / day . By Portuguese law, it must be displayed at the bottom of the website. Indie Campers offer campervans for hire in several different countries, including Italy, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, the UK, and Portugal. Thanks for getting in touch with this info. Used Yescapa. Friendly service, new cars and low prices are part of our every day offer. Free coffee too. Thinking About Working Remotely in Portugal? She said they usually rent for Portugese and since they’re often rent from them for the weekend, there’s no week limit (lucky for us!). Available extras include a solar shower, BBQ, child car seat, surfboards, and bodyboards. Download the Europcar mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android now! Rent a campervan and enjoy our beaches. Portugalist covers everything from things to do, eat, and drink to places to stay and advice on moving here and making Portugal your permanent home. For more information, visit Rent quality camping equipment! Portugal By Van offers modern vans that have been converted into campervans for hire. Got a vehicle with battery problems that left us without power steering or brakes on the highway, forcing an emergency stop. They also do dropoffs at Lisbon if that’s important for someone. On wheels, by foot, or just to chill out. Portugal by Van is a small friendly campervan rental company in Portugal. As well as Portugal, Camptoo is also available in other European countries like Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, and Italy. West Coast Campers offer campervan hire in Spain and Portugal from a fleet that includes Fiat Ducatos, Renault Trafics, and Mercedes-Benz Sprinters. If you’ve ever dreamt of spending a week, month, or even longer travelling by campervan then you’re in luck. ... What's the rental price for camper van? So you will not have two flat tires when by accident you get another blown tire. Europcar’s Green Programme: At Europcar, we understand the environmental impact of car hire. Hostels on Wheels provide campervan rental in Portugal and Spain. I haven’t seen many, but I think there are a couple listed on Motorhome Republic. Renting foreign registered campers is illegal in Portugal. Accessories include a gas cooker, cooler, functional kitchen with sink, and kitchen utensils. Olá! Portugal By Van offers modern vans that have been converted into campervans for hire. Will have to give them a try. Great friendly team 5 minutes from Lisbon Airport. Don't worry about your stay! This company is part of the same company as Indie Campers. For an affordable budget? Prices in Portugal start from around €30 per night, and you can rent everything from converted vans, family-size motorhomes, campervans, and traditional VW vans. Informed the owner and we were able to fix it and keep going. We have the best solution for you. The results normally include a mixture of campervans and motorhomes, suitable for 2-6 persons. Europcar is … Portugal van rental review and walkthrough – The class 0 and class 1 campervan by Camperline Portugal . The campervans are mainly vans that have been converted into campervans, and include a large bed and storage area. There are no items in your cart currently. The vans available are typically large and modern, and guests can also book extras like wetsuits, paddleboards, surfboards, portable heaters, and snowchains. Where can I park the camper van during the night in Portugal? Rent a campervan in Portugal or Rent camping equipment. Without this, the vehicle will not be properly insured and you could also run the risk of a fine of up to €2000. You pay full insurance and yet you’re responsible if the camper gets stolen or damaged. I can recommend both. He did everything he could to make sure our trip was successful. Again our van slept up to 4 people and was considered a class 1 van from Camperline Portugal. We had a hard time finding a place in Algarve which rents for less than a week in peak season. Backpacking Kits and camping areas with pre-pitched tents. Would definitely recommend. Please hire Equipment and add items.. Unless you’re travelling as part of a group, there are cheaper ways to get around Portugal. Camper King Portugal offers campervans for hire in mainland Portugal, and the campervans can be collected from Lisbon, Faro, and Porto. We have received your message, we will contact you very soon. The A2 Language Requirement for Portuguese Citizenship, 6 of the Best Apps For Learning Portuguese (European & Brazilian), Beginner’s Portuguese: Courses, Books, & Other Resources, Where to Find Portuguese Videos with Subtitles, list of campervans (in Portugal) on Airbnb here. Portugal may be a small country, but the variety of its landscapes and species is so vast, that any trip is a pleasure of discovery. I didn’t see it in this list but we actually ended up choosing them and I think they deserve a shoutout. Free pickup and drop-off is available from Faro Airport. A professional team with the right services. Terrible experience! Just a quick note to anyone wanting to rent a camper in Portugal. Copyright © 2015-2020 by Free Spirit Campers. The first time I searched a lot on the internet to find good prices and ended up booking with Camper King Portugal . Most of the companies basically copy/pasted the whole thing one from another. Enjoy a simple grilled fish, always fresh like the seafood that abounds along the coast, from the top all the way to the bottom of the country. Does anyone know where I can find an auto transmission campvan in Lisbon or Faro or Algarve? There are different types of camper van parking in Portugal, paid ones with the facilities and free ones. Welcome to Portugalist, your guidebook to Portugal. For more information, visit Vanscape campers can be booked through Airbnb or direct at Campervans can be booked through Same smart app. We pride ourselves on providing a world class service offering flexible short and long term van hire, all at great prices with no hidden charges. Oceancamper campers can be booked through Airbnb, and have excellent reviews from previous customers, or through their website For more information, visit Watch the video and enjoy! Av. Why pay for insurance then? With a large choice of vehicles, renting an RV in Portugal has never been easier than with Yescapa. The most distinctive feature of Portuguese cuisine comes from the sea. That’s why we have wholeheartedly embraced a sustainable development programme and are proud to be the first car hire company at Lisbon with certified commitments. We offer the best camping renting solutions. Motorhome or campervan travel is more about the experience more than anything else. All the vans come with essentials like a shower, a kitchen, blackout blinds, bed linen, and cooking utensils. Whatever your needs, choose from wide range of different sized vans, from one of our 1 stations across Lisbon. Had a terrible experience ourselves with Yescapa. Motorhome Republic is a large international motorhome comparison website that allows you to book motorhome rentals in the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and, of course, Portugal. The best solution to explore Portugal. They provided exceptional equipment at an affordable price. Is Lagos the Next European Digital Nomad Hotspot? Discover Portugal in your own way. Thanks for the recommendation. Hertz car rental in Portugal Tucked away on Europe’s west coast, the long, thin Iberian nation of Portugal packs plenty of variety within its borders. Do you think if it was this simple all hire cars would be registered in Gibraltar and declare their virtually non existent tax there. The manager girl was really sweet, we did all the renting without any usual hassle (damage check, paperwork etc.) Travelling by campervan can also be an affordable way to travel, although it’s definitely not the cheapest way to see Portugal on a budget. Campers can be booked through Airbnb or direct at The company offers stylish motorhomes for hire, and each motorhome is equipped with a fridge, solar panel, cooker, cooking utensils, and a water heater. Should You Launch Your Startup in Portugal. Travelling by campervan is a fun way to explore Portugal, and it’s a great way to thoroughly explore the country. With great deals available all year round, you can rent a van in Lisbon in Portugal for less with Europcar. In this interview for the big Portuguese telecomunications company NOS, Alberto, the co-founder, explains how Free Spirit Campers has so much success in Portugal and explains the project itself. Choose your camper or conversion van, the dates of your trip and set off to discover the wonders of Portugal. Campervan rentals, Camping equipment rentals and pre-pitched tent camping for music festivals and more... About Us. Off cause if you blow a tire you will have to get it repaired before you travel on. Prices start from around €30 per night, which is much cheaper than most of the professional camper companies where prices are typically in the €80-€150 price range. We are here to assist you in your quest for a great rental experience with your camper. The company is based just outside of Lisbon, but the vans can be delivered to Lisbon Airport, Porto, and Faro. ), Hi, we are renting 2 Californian VW T4’s in Portugal through, they are all-risk insured and have a roadside assistance. Rent a campervan in Portugal and explore our cuisine. The company is based just outside of Lisbon, ... Hi, we are renting 2 Californian VW T4’s in Portugal through, they are all-risk insured and have a roadside assistance. Huge variety of vans/motorhomes, some of them are pretty new and fresh. As we got to the destination, when opening a window normaly, it disassembled on our hands. No matter how you call it, we have it! All Rights Reserved. Please fill the form here mentioning your wishes in pick-up in Portugal, drop-off with dates and number in party. Do you like a low cost solution for your holidays? Oops! While OLX can be cheaper, the downside is that renting directly usually means giving up on certain securities. Were able to put it back. Sorry to hear you had such an awful experience, but thanks for leaving a review – it helps others avoid a similar experience. They provide everything needed to make our trip to Alentejo just perfect. Whether you are looking for moving van hire in Lisbon, seeking great deals on minibus hire, or looking for commerical van hire, we offer a wide range of vans and services to suit all needs. You will get issued the fine not the company. Find our online activity. :/. Note: The classic campers are restricted to Lisbon and Algarve so, if you’re planning to travel to northern parts of Portugal, you should rent one of the modern models. I’ve used Siesta Campers a couple of times now. Portugal By Van. Guests can also add extras to their booking like a GPS system, wifi router, surfboard, bicycle, or tent. OceanCamper is a small campervan company based in Faro — ideal if you’re planning on exploring the Algarve and nearby Alentejo. Both times with a VW California. More mobility. Everything went great. Please make sure the company is licensed, always ask for their “Alvara” this is the compulsory license needed to rent a vehicle in Portugal. Below is a video of the van we rented from Camperline Portugal. Kindly regards, Karin and Maarten, Renting a camper is a nightmare. Do all campervan companies only cover you for one case? For more information, visit People call them Motorhome, Bus, Furgon, Campervan, Van, Camping Car, Camper Van. Whether you are hiring a car for business or pleasure, or you need a car or van, Europcar has the right hire car at Lisbon for you. Every day a new view from your window. Europcar is looking forward to serving you at its car hire branch: Lisbon. . An automatic is probably going to be more expensive as they’re quite rare in Portugal. Many campervan companies also have a profile on Airbnb as well, and so many people prefer to book through Airbnb for the protection that it offers them. How to Stay Warm in Portuguese Houses During Winter, 20+ Tips for Renting an Apartment, House, or Room in Portugal. Hostel on Wheels can be booked through Airbnb or through their website Wasted holiday indeed. For more information, visit Did you know that Portugal is one of Europe’s finest bird watching destinations? Have added them both. Siesta Campers can be booked direct from Great list and very helpful advice for travellers. For more information, visit Black Sheep Campervans is a French campervan hire company that offers campervan rentals throughout Western Europe including Portugal. From the towering mountains to the vast plains, the country has a little of everything. Algarve Campers is a Dutch-owned company that offers motorhomes for hire near Faro. Friendly service, new cars and low prices are part of our every day offer. Come to Portugal with just your clothes and rent quality brand camping equipment in our Free Spirit Campers shop. Thanks Tom, great to have a review from someone who’s used them. The van overheated on the way to Algarve and sat and waited for 2 hours for a truck and there was no replacement vehicle. Winter rates start from around €36 per day during the low season (Mid November – Mid March), which is perfect for those trying to get the campervan experience on a budget. The equipment is very complete, practical and functional. That was pretty neat from them. They are located close to Faro and they picked/dropped us at the train station. Aliança Povo MFA, Parque Tecnológico da Mutela, Edifício 1, Piso 3, Gabinete C315; 2804-537 Almada, Portugal +351 915 085 269 Explore this country with our campervans or with our camping equipment. Not to mention Terms and Conditions. The campervans sleep between 2 and 5 people, and are ideal for couples or young families. All our insurance options include liability in accordance with the legislation in force and own damage. Rent an RV in Portugal Travel to Porto. Sun, surf, sand and golden sunsets, welcome to Europe’s west coast, Portugal… Our mission is to give you the most unforgettable road trip experience through our beautiful country. There are an increasing number of Portuguese and international companies that have campervans for hire in Portugal. It’s about waking up in a new place every morning, getting away from hotels and apartment rentals, and getting to see parts of the world that you might not otherwise.

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